Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Had A Wedding

This morning Petunia married her Rodney. It was a lovely wedding with lots of their family and friends invited.

The venue was Dawn's house before the morning's stitching started.

Lots of photos and the Bride & Groom are now on their way to Stansbury for a honeymoon.

Bride & Broom with their wedding cake.

Photo of them with the best man, who started this crazy ride off, a year ago.

Wedding party with all the guests that came.

Family photo, note the hat I wore for the ceremony.

Going from 1 pig to now 3 and then a pile of beautiful softies from caring people who are helping me round some up for sick children......has been an amazing journey. I am loving the idea of making a child smile and using my imagination thinking up fun things with the 3 piglets has been lots of fun.

I hope it never ends.

In the up coming days Percy's photos of when he was in Fiji on Amy & Ben's honeymoon. I finally got the photos off Amy's computer.....yay......

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  1. Congratulations to all!!!! My kids will be so excited when they hear!!!

  2. Congratulations to Petunia and Rodney! I do hope they don't begin their family too soon as there are many places yet on the globe to be explored.

  3. Congratulations Rodney and Petunia. May it be a long and happy life together.

  4. Lurve the Wedding party photo with all the guests! That's Gold!

  5. Lovely wedding pics. The bride and groom look very happy. Rodney had better look after his new wife, or I bet he will have to answer to Percy!!! :-)

  6. Congratulations to the happy couple. May they have many little piglets.

  7. Been a while since we've had any news about Percy, Petunia and Rodney!