Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Visits Pt 1

Hey Mum,

Back in Mangolia and today we went and saw some gardens and saw lots of pretty flowers and fruits and big trees and stuff.

Here are some shots of being silly at Dan Gleeson Gardens and at Anderson's Gardens.

The big sausages come from a sausage tree.

The big green fruit are called Elephant Puzzle Fruit.

And they tied me up to a Pandanus! Anus nothing, that looks like a big *^%$!!!!!!!!!

More to come tomorrow of these amazing gardens.

Bye Percy.

Eat more beef sausages.

Dear Percy,

Well you sure have come across some strange fruits in your travels. You seem to be growing up and becoming more worldly in your posts too.

A little tip from your mum, size doesn't matter, okay sweetie.........

Glad to see in the last photo, you had your safety harness on.



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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More From Canberra

Hi Mum,

We walked up some hills, one was called Black Mountain and one was called Mt. Stromlo.

Mt. Stromlo had some telescopes on top but the bush fires burnt the lot of'em, but they fixed them again.

On top of Black Mountain is a big tower and we took the elevator to the top! At the bottom of Black Mountain is the Botanical Gardens and there were heaps of Lizards there.

On top of Mt. Stromlo, it was cold and wet, so I sat inside the car for a rest. I was tired after walking up Black Mountain.

Parliament House.

I went to the Parliament house, both the old

and new one.

They are really amazing and big buildings!

Here is a picture taken of me, crossing the floor of the house of Representative, on the right sits Tony and his friends and on the left sits Kevin and his mates. One day we even drove past Kevin's house!

The pink room is the Senate and I think the colours are really nice and peaceful, who would want to ague anything amongst those shades??

Eat More Politicians!

Heading back to Mangolia now mum.

See you with more postcards soon.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Wow those photos of Black Mountain and Mt Stromlo were great. I have been to Black Mountain as well. Not sure about eating a politician, my crock-pot isn't big enough to put one in.... lol.

Have a safe trip back to Mangolia and can't wait for your next postcard.



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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon....

Hi Mum,

Well we woke up bright and early the next morning and headed off to spend some time at the Australian War Memorial.

I got to sit on the statue of Simpson & his Donkey and I got to see heaps of planes and models and stuff from the wars.

But I also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Memorial where all the names of those who died during the Wars of the last Century. It was sad but amazing place!

After, we marked our respects by drowning a pint at an Irish Paddy Pub, this beer is Kilkenny and really nice!

Did I say Canberrans like to party?

Holiday Dad has some great contacts, I went to the moon!!

We went to this place in the country and we used this big Foxtel dish to talk to Neil Armstrong. He went to the moon many years ago.

I got to fly in a spaceship and I saw the


Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

People kept saying "I can see Uranus" and I kept saying, "Well my Mum hasn't made me any pants yet."

But I went to Mars and rode on this buggy and then

returned to Earth in the big cone thing called a return capsule.

What a blast!!!!



Oh yeah!!!!

Na-Nu Na-Nu Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

You have had an amazing day and I too have been to the Australian War Memorial. I came away humbled and grateful to live in a free democracy and thanked them with my heart for their sacrifices.

I didn't get to go to the space station though. It looked like it was a fun visit.

Don't worry about not having pants, they are just jealous of your cute little toosh.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Postcards From Canberra Pt 2

Oh Mum!

Canberra is one crazy party town.

We went to this steakhouse where you can order a side of beef stuffed with fillet of beef wrapped in slices of beef deep-fried in beef fat and they had this cow out the front.

Well the cow stood as still as possible so no-one would try and eat him. I climbed all over him...hee hee hee.

Eat more Beef!!!!

After eating some beef, we all needed some beer to wash it down, so I started with a Japanese beer called Asahi; Which was nice.

But I missed my home, so I ordered a Cooper's Pale Ale.

Followed by a nice glass of white wine.

Then a glass of red.

And that is when things started to get a bit fuzzy and blurry.

Holiday Dad said a stiff scotch would set me straight and boy wasn't that nice.

Look how pretty the mirror is on top of the table!

But then it was off to bed and that bed was huge and comfy!


Eat more chicken (hic) scuse me, I mean beef.

Dear Percy,

Sounds like a great place to have a meal, love a good feed of beef myself. Not sure if it's you or the photographer that was seeing blurry things.....lol. Glad to see your keeping the fluids up.

That table top mirror is so pretty.

Stay safe.


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Postcards From Canberra Pt 1

Dear Mum,

As soon as I made it to Mangolia, my holiday Mum & Dad whisked me away to Canberra, the Nation's Capital.

In these photos you will see me standing in front of Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library off in the distance.

This shot is an aerial photo of me standing above the City of Canberra.

We also went to the National Museum, here I am standing in front of the sculpture park out front; it looks heaps like a Skateboard Park!

Inside the Museum is heaps of old stuff like this pet pig, but he was looking a little deflated, he needed some stuffing! I am sure glad I didn't look like that after the immigration search into Mangolia.

And I found all this lovely lace, that I thought my Mum would like.

Lots of people wanted to know why there was a pig at the museum, but I just told them I was interested in learning more about my past and culture.

More photos tomorrow, mUm

Love from

Dear Percy,

Boy you are very lucky learning more about your past and culture. I was in Canberra back in 1980, boy that makes me feel old. Can't wait for the next load of photos.

Take care,


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Postcard From Queensland

Dear Mum,

I have arrived at my holiday home in Queensland and its so green and my holiday parents are really nice people. Already there are lots of photos for you to see.

Look at my new friend, he's pink like me and guess what!!!! His name is Percy too. Percy took me around him home and showed me lots of interesting things.

Look how green it is in the background. All that space too. Great for running around and also for growing lots of vegies and mangoes.

Speaking of mangoes, check us out up a mango tree.

Holiday mum in into pottery and so I got to see inside her kiln.I wonder if she's like me to model for her. Do you think she'd like to do a pottery scene with me like on "Ghost"?

I went up into the loft looking for possums, as we don't have them around our house at home. But I didn't find any.

So then I went and checked out their new chook house. Boy will they enjoy those fresh backyard eggs once their hens start to lay them.

Queensland has been having a lot of rain and so I thought I'd check out the rain gauge. Gee its lovely and clean from all that rain.

I even got up close to a fruit called Soursop.

Met a "Pukpuk" (means crocodile in PNG) sure glad its only a carving.

Do you like my hat? Its a party hat from PNG. Holiday dad's mate Steve said that PNG pigs have bigger heads.

As you can see its full on here in "Mangolia" That's what holiday dad calls his place. I like that name and think its cool.



Dear Percy,

So glad you arrived okay and boy your first postcard is very full of exciting news. I so love the greenness in the photos and I just love your new little friend.

Have fun and can't wait for your next postcard.


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