Friday, July 31, 2009

A Small Garden For Me.

Hi Mum,

Here I am in Aunty Bev's garden. I was worried about getting lost amongst all the big plants, but she had a garden just my size! She wouldn't let me play long though as it started raining and she was worried about me getting my trotters muddy! I thought that was a bit mean because as you know I am a very clean pig!

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,
So glad your having a lovely time at Aunty Bev's place in Melbourne. A garden your size..... very special indeed.
Be good and have fun.
Love mum.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And So It Begins

Well the day has finally arrived and I am now on my way to Melbourne before I head overseas.

Wow its dark in lights. Must be cut backs. Where is the oxygen masks???? Oh no toilet either....going to have to cross my legs.

Hoo roo everyone. See you on my blog sometime soon I hope.....

Eat more chicken.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Bag Is Packed.

How am I meant to sleep tonight?? Tomorrow I fly out to Melbourne for a couple of days and then off overseas.

Talk about a lucky pigglet.

Pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything. Hhmm might need to go through the list.......

Now lets see.....

Got my passport and some spending money..........shouldn't need much as I am sure someone will feed me from their rubbish bin or from their plate if they are dining outside.

With all trips, we like to catch up with old friends............

Had a bit of a party as Annabel the cow is off to live on a sheep/cattle station at my aunt's place. So we combined our parties for one big bash.

Does this bag make my bum look big????

All packed and ready to rollout tomorrow morning.

Geez now I know what bacon feels like......

Eat more chicken.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Percy's Wanderings

Mum took me for a walk around our neighbourhood this morning. As its not that far off to my big trip. She thought I should have some photos taken with an Australian Wattle bush then in an almond tree.

Yellow so brings my pink skin out......

While I was in the tree a ute went past and played his musical horn at us. Maybe he's a closet fan????

Glad my mum was there to catch me if I fell. No safety net under this little porker. Bees were a bit too friendly and boy those blossoms smelt so pretty......

Wonder if I'll get to climb a tree overseas???

Don't forget.... eat more chicken

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Moved.

Well Like all little mega stars I have moved from one house to a bigger place.

I couldn't get blogger to work right on the other blog and so I thought a change was needed and so here we are.
On the other blog I can't comment or even see how many votes there ended up being about my eyes.
So I hope you have found your way to my new blog with a new name......
Eat more chicken.