Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Off Again

Well I'm off again this morning, on another adventure. This time I'm off to Queensland and also Canberra. How exciting is this trip going to be?

I am going in style and with all the comforts of home, check it out will ya!!!!

Thanks to Auntie Clare I now have my own traveling bag. Doesn't my bag look fabulous? My travel bag label looks just so right too. It has my name & address on it, so if I get lost, someone can post me home.

Now I'm a big brother I have had a talk to my little sister Petunia. I'm leaving her in charge of the sewing room while I am away. Also I have given her some traveling tips and words from the wise about that "demon drink" as she may be on her way to the USA for that quilting tour, before I get home.

Checking out the new 1st class travel arrangements. So comfy and look, it's even got my name on it.

Snug as a bug in a rug, rather than feeling like a rasher of bacon with the plastic against my body.

Well time to head off, keep your eye open for postcards from me.

Don't forget.......

Eat more chicken.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Name Is Petunia

Hello everyone, my name is Petunia and I'm very happy to meet you all.

Today I was allowed to go on my first visit to a place outside the sewing room. I was very lucky to be able to go with Percy and our mum to her sewing group.

It was so exciting to be able to meet the people mum talks to my dad about. They are a really nice group of ladies.

I'm a real cuddly piglet and as I'm going to the USA in April with Auntie Judy, I wanted to get to know her better. Its a long way from home if we don't get a long with each other. Judy is just as cuddly as what I am.

As we were there all morning I was allowed to play in Auntie Khris' fabric. This fabric is from America, so I thought as I'm going there, I should get up close and personal with it.

Here are my sewing Auntie's with me and Percy. Auntie Dawn and Auntie Jeanette were making piggy ears. lol They made everyone laugh and mum had to take a heap of photos to get a nice one of everyone. Auntie Heather is holding Percy and that's Auntie Kris in front.

Thanks everyone who voted on my name, I think its a pretty name.

It was a fun day and I am so glad Dawn's house was the first place I visited.

If you don't like fish.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

I've Got Mail

Oh look what Auntie Clare sent me. mrgreen

I was so excited when mum showed me the 1/4 metre of fabric and the luggage tag for when I travel.

I'm going to get mum to make me a travel bag so I don't feel the plastic bag rub on my body, when I am traveling. Maybe then I won't feel so much like a slab of bacon either. lol

Also Auntie Clare has invited me to her place too. Thanks Auntie Clare your the best.

Hugs to you Auntie Clare.

Eat more chicken.

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow my baby sister is going to be seen for the first time, at mum's sewing morning.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ssshhh Baby Sleeping.

Shhhhh my baby sister is sleeping and my mum took this photo for you to see how much she has grown.

She is growing quickly and is looking rather pretty. Can't wait to take her to mum's sewing group next Tuesday.

Eat more chicken.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Have A Baby Sister.

Hello readers,

Today has been such an amazing day for me. First off I got to see my mum after being away on holidays for a month or so.

After hugs and cuddles mum, Auntie Deb and myself caught a couple of buses to Hettie's Patch. It was time to pick up my new baby sister.

Here is mum & me outside Hettie's Patch ready to go inside and see my baby sister. We were so excited. Auntie Debbie is the photographer and so she isn't in any of the photos.

This is the first family photo with my baby sister.

These photos were taken in the nursery material section.

Close up of me and my sister. As she's a new born, mum said she will be cared for in the sewing room. When she's a bit bigger, my sister will have some more baby photos for you to see.

As I can't keep calling her "my baby sister" we need a name for her. Mum & Auntie Deb came up with 6 names for her and can't pick one out of them.

So mum thought a poll would be nice. So when you mean my baby sister next, she'll have a name.

Then we will both be able to travel the world sending mum postcards. I have so many invites to go places...... thought it was time to share the travels.

So pretty please vote for a name from the list on the right of my postings.

Eat more chicken.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello From The Outback Part 3

Dear mum,

I have been such a tired little piggy, so today I spent time looking around the homestead. Here are some photos showing you what I saw.

I got a little sun burnt the other day, so I thought I should wear a hat. Holiday dad got one of his, but it was too big.

Holiday mum had a look in her craft box and found the perfect hat for a little pig like me.

Check out the hanger holiday dad has just finished building. He hopes to bring the plane home soon and has promised me a fly in it when I come up next. Do you think he would let me go bungy jumping?

This is what they use to load the sheep into a truck. The sheep walk up this and then jump into a truck and then head off on a big adventure.

The woolshed and yards are close to the homestead. I have seen lots of sheep but not one wanted to have their photo taken with me.

Hey mum, I'm sitting on a wool baling machine and its used to bale the wool up shearing time. A wool pack is put in the baling machine and then wool is put in there and then a big bit of metal comes down and squashes all the wool to make a bale. There is a wool pack next to me in the photo.

These are the sheep pens in the woolshed. The sheep are asked very nicely to go up into the shed and they all have pens to sit in. Then a shearer grabs them and takes the wool off their backs. I don't think I would like the hair on my back taken off.

All the wool has been taken to market but holiday mum found me some dirty wool to pose in. Yes I know I am so cute. lol

The shearing-stand is behind me where the sheep are shorn. They can have 6 shearers at a time and counting all the shed staff, at times there are 14 people working at one time in the shed. The poor cook is kept so busy. I'm standing on one of the wool tables where they throw the fleece to then skirt it.

I just had to have a photo next to a sheep and this is all I could find. The tin sheep hangs on the front fence and was made by holiday mum's son.

Mum I have missed you so much and will be home tomorrow. My camera battery has gone flat so no more photos.

I am so excited about having a baby brother or sister, love you lots and see you soon.

Eat more chicken.


Dear Percy,

My word you sure look cute in that hat. Thanks so much to holiday mum & dad for taking you into their home and showing you around the sheep station. I do hope you'll be home in time to see your baby sister or brother born. It could be as close as tomorrow afternoon. wink

Travel safely home.


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Meaning To Pickled Pork?????

Dear Mum,

I am having so much fun up here. The weather has been hot and no rain. Here are some more photos of me on my big adventure.

I would like you to meet Fred. He is about 13 years old and has the best life. He has 2 rooms in his house and a real human bath, which he gets in when it is hot. Fred was telling me when the shearers come he gets all their scraps and there is so much that he cannot eat it all.

Fred is part Captain Cook and something else that I can't remember. Anyway we had a good chat and then he went and had a sleep because he is old.

My holiday dad cooked a camp oven. Just so you know mum, a camp oven is a big cast iron dish with a lid that you place on coals from an open fire and you can cook a roast or a damper in it. I have been told they are yummy but he was cooking pork (eat more chicken) so I went down and chatted with my new buddy Fred.

When they had finished I came back and the sun was setting. I sat on the verandah with a bottle of Bundy to watch the sun go down. They drink Bundy out bush!!! eek

It was a beautiful sunset and I sort of lost count of how much I drank. I passed out on the lawn.

When I came too, holiday mum helped me reach the bucket. I can tell you I won't be doing that again. redface

Eat more chicken.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Well what can I say???? I'm glad you made a new friend with Fred. I hope your not on medication with your sore foot and having a lot to drink. I guess my baby pig has to grow up some stage. Sounds like the outback was a safe place to do this.

Oh by the way your maternal mum is going to have a litter of little brother & sisters soon. Hope your able to be home when they are born.


Mum (foster)

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello From The Outback Part 2

Dear Mum,

More photos from the water-run we did the other day.

I would like you to meet Little Lashes. She lost her mum a long time ago and my holiday mum looked after her until she was strong enough to go back out in the paddock. She has had babies and it was fun sitting on her while she was having something to eat. Her hair is sort of soft but she is so dirty.

Look at me sitting on the D4. Holiday mum & dad used this to clear the Boxthorn from the creek so that the water can flow when it fills from rain. I didn't start it up because I was frightened I might not reach all the controls.

Check out the creek mum. It filled up New Year and the water came from just over 100km away. Its so pretty by the water but there are so many mozzies. I remembered to put sunscreen on too.

Can you see me up on the windmill?? I am just under the fan on the ledge.

The wind did blow me off but I am okay, I was still in my safety bag thank goodness. Its so high up there and you can see for miles. I wasn't scared at all and even though I fell off, I was brave enough to get back up there.

We got a flat tyre and the tyre was wreaked. I did offer to change it but it was a bit heavy for me. So I let the big guys do it.

We were nearly home and we came across this leak. Can you see me with my tools ready to fix the leak? I managed it very well and were we then off again.

When we got home I was so tired that I went straight to bed. I didn't think it would be so exhausting out in the country. So much to see and do. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Take care


Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

Gosh you are seeing the Australian outback for sure. So glad you are okay after the wind blew you off the windmill. Next time though...use a rope and you can add bungy jumping to your list of adventures. lol

I did notice that 2 photos showed me the power of Mother Nature. A creek full of water on one part of the station and a dam empty at another part.

Can't wait for your next postcard



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