Saturday, December 26, 2009

Farm Visit Part 3

Dear Mum,

I went outside the sheds and found this huge pile of hay and couldn't resist climbing over them, I even saw a mouse. I was glad the hawk didn't come looking for his dinner, or he may have eaten me.

Aren't you glad about that mum??

I helped Richard, he's the farmer.... to move his tractor and I enjoyed that.

The cabin is very comfortable.

Then I helped Carey (Jude's hubby) to mow the lawns. I got to ride on this great mower. But it was a bit noisy and it took a long time , lots of grass to mow.

Next day Charlie, Jude's grandson took me for a ride on his new bike. I enjoyed that.

We then had to go home. Andy and I were so tired, we had to go to bed for a rest.

Thanks Jude, I had a great time at the farm with your family.

Next time we talk mum, I'll be showing you some Christmas lights I saw.

Love Percy.

Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

My goodness you did have a fun visit at Jude's farm. How lucky were you to get to see all those wonderful animals and get to ride on some cool machines. Very glad the hawk didn't eat you too.

Take care.



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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Farm Visit Pt 2

Dear Mum,

Sorry I haven't written, I have been having a wow of a time. Here's some new postcard photos of my holiday.

We stopped so I could have a look at some sheep, but they wouldn't come talk to me, silly sheep.

We next went and saw the shearing sheds. This is where those sheep have their wool taken off and made into socks.

Here I am standing on some wool bales. They are waiting to go to the wool shed.

I am playing in the wool that has not been put into bales yet. Its so soft but feels greasy, I hope it makes me feel soft.

Next I met some kelpie dogs, they help to keep the sheep in order.

Hope you enjoyed the post card mum.


Dear Percy,

You are having are great time, glad to read all about your adventure. Take care.



Eat more chicken.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Farm Visit Pt 1

Dear Mum,

Mum today I started my farm visit. I met Andy, Jude's dog and mum you won't believe it, he tried to sniff my bottom.

I said, "Hey Andy! There will be no funny business thanks and he stopped".

After we arrived Andy & I stretched our legs in the garden & then I went for a farm tour in the ute.

Eat more chicken.

More to come
Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

So glad you are enjoying your time on the farm down near Keith. Also Andy was only saying "hello" in dog language. Looking forward to more postcards from you.



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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roger That.

This week Percy travelled to the Airforce Base in Edinburgh, South Australia with flight Sargeant Glen McCarthy. He was able to see an F18 Hornet. Unfortunately they weren't flying, so he couldn't take a spin in the F18 Hornet.

Eat more chicken.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fish & Chips Anyone???

Holy fish cake batman........ check out what we saw in Port Pirie last weekend.

While driving to our hotel, we came across this Barnacle Bill shop. What an interesting turn of events for this church after it was retired.

My mum's nephew was at this place. Ha ha.

But she say to her brother this church would have been cheaper, married at the back of the church and all guests handed a fish pack on the way out.

So if you don't want to eat more chicken this time, how about some fish instead???

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Visiting Family

Mum & Dad went into the city on Wednesday and I went along for the ride.

Thought I'd catch up with a couple of family members while in Rundall Mall.

This is cousin Horatio (named in 1999 by Jenny Bridges) I think he wants to work in a circus when he grows up. Look at him balance me on his head. Mum threatened him with the new River Cottage DVD if I was dropped.

If you rub Horatio's nose, its meant to bring you luck.

This is Oliver (named by Sarah Chan 1999) and he's a real environment aware pig. Look at the rubbish he has collected for the bin.

I didn't get to say hi to my 3rd cousin, he was busy letting a lady sit on him while she read her book.

Kids and adults love to sit or climb on my cousins and have their photo taken with one or all of them.

Hope they tell those people to.............

Eat more chicken.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm home.

Well I am finally home in my little sewing room. Boy have I had a ripper of a holiday with Aunty and Uncle Bluegreen.

Really want to thank them so much for taking me with them to Europe.

Brought back some souvenirs for mum & dad too.

A holiday isn't a holiday without a postcard arriving the same day or a few days later. Also a souvenir coin from Gibraltar. Plus a DVD to add to mum's collection from River Cottage.

That one I'm not too sure about though.... may need to get mum to watch it first. Might need to flip past the scary parts.

No rest for me though, I'm off to sewing group tomorrow with mum and then into the city to see some of my family.

Also thanks to you, my fans and reader for your comments and questions while I was on holidays.


Eat more chicken.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

White Cliffs of Dover.

Dear Mum,

The next time you hear from me, I will be in Australia. We get on the big plane tomorrow for the long flight home. I must say that although I have enjoyed my holiday, I am looking forward to being back home with you again.

Mind you, it hasn't been that easy to leave. When it came to flying back to England from Gibralter, Cousin BJ didn't want me to go, Aunty BG stood up for me. Then when we went to the airport, they put us on a bus for Spain instead!

At first I thought it might have been a trick to try and kidnap me again, but it ended out that the planes couldn't land due to fog and we were going to another airport and made it back to London eventually.

Once back in London we drove to Dover and saw the famous White Cliffs and looked across the Channel to France.

Got to pack my bags, looking forward to seeing you soon.


Dear Percy,

Can't wait to see you again. The White Cliffs look stunning and I'm glad Aunty BG is taking care of you so well.


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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi Mum,

I am having so much fun travelling the world and making new friends.

I made a new friend while I was in Wales. His name is Draig Goch (Red Dragon). He will be coming home to Melbourne with us.

After Wales we flew to Gibralter. This is on the very tip of Spain, but is English territory. It is very small but has lots of interesting history.

This is one of the famous pillars of Hercules which legend has as marking the end of the world and the gateway to Hades.

Gibtalter played a very important part in the world wars and there is lots of big gun everywhere. Most of Gibralter is a big limestone rock the looks solid on the outside but is full of natural caves and man made tunnels.

Most of the tunnels were man made to put the big guns in to defend it.

Halt!! Who goes there??

There are also wild but friendly monkeys here.

P.S. I wasn't really in the picture with the monkeys. Aunty BG was too worried that they would run away with me, so she did something clever on the computer to make it look like I was right there with them.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Glad your still enjoying your holiday. Sounds like you having a blast. So glad the monkeys never got too close to you.

Love Mum.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe In Salisbury

Hi mum,

Lechyd da i chwi nawr ac yn oes oesoedd!!!

That's Welsh for "Good health to you now and forever." Guess where I am??

After Devon we drove to Salisbury.

At Salisbury we visited a Rare Breeds Farm where I met another cousin.

More Roman ruins in England.

We also visited the ruins of another castle

Today we visited a little village on the coast of Wales called Portmeirion. Uncle BG was very excited as this is the site of one of his favourite childhood shows, The Prisoner.

Its a very pretty village.

A view from a window in Portmeirion.

By the house of "The Prisoner" (now a shop).

"I am not a number. I am a man! Eerrrr, pig!"

Da Boch chi (Goodbye)

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

So glad you have emailed me and sent some new photos........ I'll explain when your safe back home.

Love mum.

Where Is Percy???

This was sent to me via my comments page........................could it be a hoax????

Ransom Note

I have kidnapped Percy Pig.
As you know, Percy holds the key to the cure for swine flu due to a super gene only he has. He is being held at a secret location but is currently safe and unharmed.
These are my demands all of which should be provided to ensure his safe return OR I'M HAVING BACON AND SAUSAGES FOR BREAKFAST

1. $1 billion in unmarked bills
2. A helicopter with 1 pilot with enough fuel for a flight to Tangiers. Specific location will be determined and transmitted to you once confirmation is received.
3. A camel for aforementioned location, details to follow
4. Guaranteed safe passage through Morocco

I will release Percy by issuing details of where he is being held under the following conditions:

1. all of my demands havebeen met
2. I have reached my desired hideaway

My goons are under strict instructions to start making breakfast if contact with me is lost and irretrievable for more than one hour.

As they say, the ball is in your court.

Nata Borcee

Nata, I have contacted Ethan Hunt, 007 & Macgyver and I have instructed them to hunt you down. If you so much as show Percy to the kitchen...... I shall call in the big guns.... The Incredible Hulk.

Guess the ball in back in your court.........................................

As the little piglet would say..

Eat chicken not pork.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not The Piglet.

Hi Mum,

There is so much to see here in England, I can barely keep up with my postcards!

We spent a day in Bath, that's the name of the city. Its called Bath because they are the only natural hot springs in England. The Romans built a big bathing resort there as they thought that the water was able to cure many ills.

The currant city of Bath is actually built over the ruins of the Roman city.

But you can still see much of it by going underground and the baths have been partially restored.

We then went to Devon and stayed a couple of nights at a farm. The country roads are very narrow and there are tall bushes called hedgerows along either side.

The closer we got to the farm the narrower they got until there was only room for one car and if a car came the other way then someone had to back up! Fortunately that didn't happen much.

We had dinner at a town called Lyme Regis. The roads are very narrow there too and there are traffic lights in case a car is coming the other way.

But the bus drivers still managed to get double decker buses through the narrow streets.

The next day at the farm we went for a walk and caught up with some cousins of mine.

After we went to River Cottage Headquarters. We had a tour of the yummy looking vegetables and then lunch.

Like the size of this garden.

I am not a rabbit!

After lunch I was introduced to the chef and he tried to cook me! Luckily the were only joking but I wasn't impressed.


Eat more chicken less pork!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Percy's Been Everywhere

Hi Mum,

It's been a while since I was last able to get to a computer, but all is well and I am having lots of fun.

I have been in castles and river tours and have been in or travelled through 5 countries.

Here I am at the Tower of London. Uncle BG is holding my trotters for me as I was afraid I was going to fall off the wall! This is a scary place all made of stone and where lots of people lost their heads!

This photo is of the view from our motel window in Gent, Belgium.

I kept the big bed warm while Aunty and Uncle BG were out celebrating a wedding all night.

These 2 pictures were taken in a very old castle in Gent.

Aunty BG thought you would like this picture of a baby Sydney Harbour Bridge in Holland.

Having a refreshing drink.

We visited a museum in Holland where there were some very old things from when the Romans lived there.

The view from our motel window in Germany. Were we were staying in on the border of Holland and Germany and so we crossed over between two countries lots of time while we were there.

Thats' it for now. Tomorrow morning we fly back to England where we are going to drive around the country side and visit some farms. That should be fun. I might get to meet some English relatives!



Dear Percy,

Its wonderful to hear from you again and the photos are just wonderful. Sounds like your having such a great time and as your going to so many places, you must behaving yourself.

Love the ear look in the photo with your "refreshing drink" is that how pigs wear their ears over there?? lol

Keep enjoying your holiday.