Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Had A Wedding

This morning Petunia married her Rodney. It was a lovely wedding with lots of their family and friends invited.

The venue was Dawn's house before the morning's stitching started.

Lots of photos and the Bride & Groom are now on their way to Stansbury for a honeymoon.

Bride & Broom with their wedding cake.

Photo of them with the best man, who started this crazy ride off, a year ago.

Wedding party with all the guests that came.

Family photo, note the hat I wore for the ceremony.

Going from 1 pig to now 3 and then a pile of beautiful softies from caring people who are helping me round some up for sick children......has been an amazing journey. I am loving the idea of making a child smile and using my imagination thinking up fun things with the 3 piglets has been lots of fun.

I hope it never ends.

In the up coming days Percy's photos of when he was in Fiji on Amy & Ben's honeymoon. I finally got the photos off Amy's computer.....yay......

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Announcing An Engagement

Engagement yes you read right. eek

While the piglets were away Rodney proposed to Petunia and she said yes.

The 3 of them arrived home from their mystery trip away with the news.

I am in shock as they want to get married next week on Tuesday at Dawn's house.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. First things first, where did they go?? They were in Melbourne for a surprise birthday party and I am trying to get a photo or two of their trip over there.

Now about this engagement. Like all mothers, I am worried that they are rushing into things, but as you know....pigs do grow faster than little people. I can only hope they will be happy traveling the world together.

This works out rather well as Petunia will have all her relatives here for the wedding. Guess this means I'll have to make a veil for Petunia.

Talk of a honeymoon at Stansbury .

Stay tuned.......

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're Off Again....But Where To??

Well the little piglets are off again on a family trip. Not saying where they are going and for what reason. You'll have to wait and see.

Percy: "Hey this is my suitcase, who said you 2 could come"?

Petunia: "Hehehe cut that out Rodney"!!

Rodney: "Wasn't me, Petunia"!!

Petunia: "Percy... move your foot or I'm telling Mum".

This could be a long trip....................

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Meeting Family

Pat & I took a road trip up to Burra to see my sister and her little dog Jody. So the 3 piglets came along with us. We were hoping to get a look around Burra, but it was raining and very cold.

So the piglets huddled in Jody's basket and played with Jody. She kept sniffing Rodney and was making sure he's going to be a good little pig while visiting Petunia and her family.

Rodney was a bit worried about the licking of his bottom and was going to join us humans in the kitchen.

So far all 3 piglets are getting along okay. At times I feel my sewing room is turning into a pigsty .....chuckle.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

As My Piglets Grow

As Percy and Petunia grow and travel the world, I guess it only fair that a romance or two will develop.

On Petunia's first over seas trip she met Rodney in the USA.

Thank goodness no little accidents occurred and all is sweet.

Rodney has come over on a visa for a while and if all goes well, they may get married.

So here is a closeup photo of Rodney in my sewing room.

He's very charming and a little bit bigger in size to both Percy and Petunia. Maybe its to do with him being a razorback breed???

He knows to behave himself and act like a gentleman as well or his visa will be revoked and he's on the next plane out of here. mrgreen

Also he's blind to the fact Petunia's ears a "bit different"....so that goes a long way in my books.

Rodney has only 1 fault sad his catch cry....sigh

Marinated pork spare ribs are yummo!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Of Petunia's Trip To USA

Next we went on a plane and flew to Washington D.C. this is the capital of the U.S.A.

I saw the White House, this is where the President lives and it was very impressive.

We also visited Arlington Cemetery, this is where lots of famous people are buried as well as lots of their armed service people. I also saw this tall spike thing. Its a monument to President George Washington who has been dead for a long time.

The other man sitting in a big chair is President Abraham Lincoln's memorial, but I couldn't get close enough to him to have my photo taken with him.

The next building I saw was the Capital Building and its on Capital Hill and is very beautiful.

We also went to New York.

After lunch we went and visited the Statue of Liberty. She was given to America buy the French as a symbol of peace.

She is very tall and beautiful.

We then went out to dinner to celebrate our last day in America.

Do you like my new necklace mum? Jude bought it for me, so I would look more grown up at the party.

I had a lot to eat and drink and had a great time.

I had a great holiday but I am glad to be home with you again mum.

If you don't like chicken...eat fish.

Thanks so much Judy for taking Petunia over to America with you. Loved the photos and so glad you all had a wonderful holiday.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amish & Love

Next stop was Arthur & this is where the Amish people live.

Amish people don't like you to take their photographs, the farmers wife said we could take a picture of her back. We had dinner with her family and then looked over the farm.

The Amish ride around in horse drawn buggies.

I messed around a bit here and made out I was pulling a buggy.

I also sat on a collar that they use to put on the horses, so they can pull their ploughs.

Mum I think I am in love!!!!!

His name is Rodney Razorback and he game me a personal tour if the barns. He was really great!

If you don't like chicken...eat fish.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

More From Petunia In USA

The next day we met some local Indians, but I was scared they might scalp me so I made Jude be in the photos with me.

Back on the bus again and we drove to San Francisco .

I saw the famous Golden Gate Bridge, but its orange not gold!!

The other photos are pictures of the city.

I got a close look at a police car and they told me to be good while in America or they would throw me in the slammer.

Next we visited Chicago and there are lots of tall buildings here.

I visited the local chocolate shop and tried some choccies, they were yummy.

If you don't like chicken...eat fish.

In Petunia's next post is a surprise...................your not going to guess what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Petunia In The USA part 2

Next day after a long bus ride we arrived at London Bridge.

I was confused because I thought I was in America. Jude explained the bridge used to be in London but was shifted to America by a very rich man.

Back on the bus and we drove through California to Arizona. It took a long time but the ladies on the bus shared their drinks and lollies with me and made me laugh lots.

We stayed in this great motel close to the Grand Canyon and I really liked the sculptures in the garden.

One was a bald eagle (I'm in his right claw).

The other was a mountain lion. Aren't you so glad they weren't real or they might have eaten me.

Wow here I am at the Grand Canyon, it is really big. About 446 km long and up to 29 km wide. It was very windy and I nearly got blown into the canyon, but Jude saved me.

It had snowed the night before so I played in the snow. It was very cold and wet, I didn't like it much.

I also met one of the local animals a Kaibab squirrel.

More photos tomorrow biggrin

If you don't like chicken...eat fish.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Petunia In The USA

I am happy to tell you that Petunia is back from her quilting junket with Jude her holiday mum. I have had such a head cold that I haven't been doing any blogging at all.

So after a very excited little piglet glaring at me when I go into my sewing room....I am going to start as of tonight posting Petunia's amazing trip she had with Jude and her husband.

Over to you now Petunia mrgreen

After 15 hours on the plane we are about to start our tour. This is the great bus we travelled on.

We went on a site seeing tour and visited the Avila Adobe that was built in 1818 and shows life in California in the early 1840's.

I liked the formal dining room but the garden was a bit prickly.

Next day we went to Hollywood and I met Wolverine and he was a little bit scary.

Then I laid down on the casting couch and hoped a producer would come by and make me a big star like that Miss Piggy, cause I'm better looking..... but it didn't happen.

Until tomorrow, with more photos and stories.......

If you don't like chicken...eat fish.

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