Sunday, July 26, 2009

Percy's Wanderings

Mum took me for a walk around our neighbourhood this morning. As its not that far off to my big trip. She thought I should have some photos taken with an Australian Wattle bush then in an almond tree.

Yellow so brings my pink skin out......

While I was in the tree a ute went past and played his musical horn at us. Maybe he's a closet fan????

Glad my mum was there to catch me if I fell. No safety net under this little porker. Bees were a bit too friendly and boy those blossoms smelt so pretty......

Wonder if I'll get to climb a tree overseas???

Don't forget.... eat more chicken


  1. Looks like a lovely walk you went on. May I ask do you walk on a lead or are you like a designer dog and "walk" in your mum's bag.

    Chicken for dinner tonight.

  2. HI Karen, I'm a designer pig and I am carried in a bag my mum made. Very trendy to be like

    Keep eating that chicken.:D

  3. a pig up a tree, who'd a thunk it?