Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And So It Begins

Well the day has finally arrived and I am now on my way to Melbourne before I head overseas.

Wow its dark in here.....no lights. Must be cut backs. Where is the oxygen masks???? Oh no toilet either....going to have to cross my legs.

Hoo roo everyone. See you on my blog sometime soon I hope.....

Eat more chicken.


  1. Wot, Mum didn't pack any spare nappies for you? She didn't even put one on you? Good luck with X-ing your legs...just think of your eyes and you'll be right...If you get squashed tho', I'm sure Aunty BG will fluff you out right...

  2. Bon voyage. Travelling "cattle class" these days is definitely cost cutting. I know that you are very brave and will survive the dark and other inconveniences.

    Now that you have left home don't forget your poor mum and us forum aunties.

  3. Are you there yet Percy? Huh? Huh? Are you there yet?

    Hope Aunty BG gives you a run around the yard first thing when you arrive!

  4. Hi Piglet, Hope you have a great trip. Write home as soon as you get there. And don't worry about me, I prefer beef.
    Aunty T

  5. S'il vient en France, qu'il n'hésite pas, je le recevrai avec plaisir, lol, et il aura plein de bonnes choses à manger....