Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm home.

Well I am finally home in my little sewing room. Boy have I had a ripper of a holiday with Aunty and Uncle Bluegreen.

Really want to thank them so much for taking me with them to Europe.

Brought back some souvenirs for mum & dad too.

A holiday isn't a holiday without a postcard arriving the same day or a few days later. Also a souvenir coin from Gibraltar. Plus a DVD to add to mum's collection from River Cottage.

That one I'm not too sure about though.... may need to get mum to watch it first. Might need to flip past the scary parts.

No rest for me though, I'm off to sewing group tomorrow with mum and then into the city to see some of my family.

Also thanks to you, my fans and reader for your comments and questions while I was on holidays.


Eat more chicken.

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  1. Oh how hilarious!! I'm so glad my friend Dawn sent me over to have a look here...
    I can't wait to see what else you get up to Percy :-)
    lots of snuffly smooches
    Cheryl xx

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for dropping by to visit me. I guess as your my inventor and my mum then made me..... does this mean your my Nanna????



  3. Hi Percy,
    I was lucky enough to find out about your adventures through your clever inventor - Cheryl. We get up to lots of fun things - but haven't convinced our husbands to let us go too far..we think they're afraid we'll have too much fun and not come back...I will have to keep checking on your blog for more crazy times. Enjoy life - and I'll definitely eat more chicken (and fish)...unless you have a bond with Nemo??

  4. Lucky1 I have just found your site and will be following percy`s adventure in the future. In November if you are not to busy Percy I would like to take you on a visit to the farm, sorry no pigs just old cows and sheep and they don`t have great adventures like you. So check it out with mum and let me know if it is okay for you to come.

  5. Jude, more than happy for Percy to go on a holiday with you. Be good to show folks another part of South Australia. Don't forget to take your camera:)

    Percy's mum.

  6. Percy I need to pick you up next Tuesday from our sewing group so have your bag packed with sensible farm clothing and be ready for your nexy adventure. I hope you dont get car sick.

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  8. Okay thanks Auntie Jude. I can't wait:)