Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi Mum,

I am having so much fun travelling the world and making new friends.

I made a new friend while I was in Wales. His name is Draig Goch (Red Dragon). He will be coming home to Melbourne with us.

After Wales we flew to Gibralter. This is on the very tip of Spain, but is English territory. It is very small but has lots of interesting history.

This is one of the famous pillars of Hercules which legend has as marking the end of the world and the gateway to Hades.

Gibtalter played a very important part in the world wars and there is lots of big gun everywhere. Most of Gibralter is a big limestone rock the looks solid on the outside but is full of natural caves and man made tunnels.

Most of the tunnels were man made to put the big guns in to defend it.

Halt!! Who goes there??

There are also wild but friendly monkeys here.

P.S. I wasn't really in the picture with the monkeys. Aunty BG was too worried that they would run away with me, so she did something clever on the computer to make it look like I was right there with them.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Glad your still enjoying your holiday. Sounds like you having a blast. So glad the monkeys never got too close to you.

Love Mum.

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