Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Farm Visit Pt 2

Dear Mum,

Sorry I haven't written, I have been having a wow of a time. Here's some new postcard photos of my holiday.

We stopped so I could have a look at some sheep, but they wouldn't come talk to me, silly sheep.

We next went and saw the shearing sheds. This is where those sheep have their wool taken off and made into socks.

Here I am standing on some wool bales. They are waiting to go to the wool shed.

I am playing in the wool that has not been put into bales yet. Its so soft but feels greasy, I hope it makes me feel soft.

Next I met some kelpie dogs, they help to keep the sheep in order.

Hope you enjoyed the post card mum.


Dear Percy,

You are having are great time, glad to read all about your adventure. Take care.



Eat more chicken.

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  1. Way to go Percy!!! You really are a little camera hog though-LOL! Good to see that you are still getting out and about, and not getting disgruntled. Bye, Sandy.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. Now remember to keep yourself nice and clean.

  3. Good onya Percy! I agree, sheep can be a bit sheepish when there are newbies like you in the paddock!