Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amish & Love

Next stop was Arthur & this is where the Amish people live.

Amish people don't like you to take their photographs, the farmers wife said we could take a picture of her back. We had dinner with her family and then looked over the farm.

The Amish ride around in horse drawn buggies.

I messed around a bit here and made out I was pulling a buggy.

I also sat on a collar that they use to put on the horses, so they can pull their ploughs.

Mum I think I am in love!!!!!

His name is Rodney Razorback and he game me a personal tour if the barns. He was really great!

If you don't like fish.

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  1. Petunia I hope that your heart is not broken by Rodney. Holiday romances unfortunately never last but you are young and there will be plenty of other piggies to chose from.

  2. That is awesome! Rodney Razorback! Soooeeee piggy piggy piggy!

  3. Look what happens when we lets our piggies go overseas - their hearts get stolen........

  4. Leanne dont blame me if Petunia gets broken hearted, she ran away when I went to dinner.

  5. Petunia don't lose your heart to the first fella who takes you for a spin of the old barn. You need to be foot loose and fancy free after all you are a globetrotter.

  6. I hope Petunia's mum has told her about the 'birds and the bees".WOW she has had a fantastic holiday. Can I go next time????

  7. Oh I am sure Petunia has her head screwed on the right way:) Oh I would love to do a quilting tour as well...... maybe we could both carry her luggage next