Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Petunia In The USA

I am happy to tell you that Petunia is back from her quilting junket with Jude her holiday mum. I have had such a head cold that I haven't been doing any blogging at all.

So after a very excited little piglet glaring at me when I go into my sewing room....I am going to start as of tonight posting Petunia's amazing trip she had with Jude and her husband.

Over to you now Petunia mrgreen

After 15 hours on the plane we are about to start our tour. This is the great bus we travelled on.

We went on a site seeing tour and visited the Avila Adobe that was built in 1818 and shows life in California in the early 1840's.

I liked the formal dining room but the garden was a bit prickly.

Next day we went to Hollywood and I met Wolverine and he was a little bit scary.

Then I laid down on the casting couch and hoped a producer would come by and make me a big star like that Miss Piggy, cause I'm better looking..... but it didn't happen.

Until tomorrow, with more photos and stories.......

If you don't like fish.

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  1. That's a massive couch, probably to fit all them Hollywood egos on?