Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not The Piglet.

Hi Mum,

There is so much to see here in England, I can barely keep up with my postcards!

We spent a day in Bath, that's the name of the city. Its called Bath because they are the only natural hot springs in England. The Romans built a big bathing resort there as they thought that the water was able to cure many ills.

The currant city of Bath is actually built over the ruins of the Roman city.

But you can still see much of it by going underground and the baths have been partially restored.

We then went to Devon and stayed a couple of nights at a farm. The country roads are very narrow and there are tall bushes called hedgerows along either side.

The closer we got to the farm the narrower they got until there was only room for one car and if a car came the other way then someone had to back up! Fortunately that didn't happen much.

We had dinner at a town called Lyme Regis. The roads are very narrow there too and there are traffic lights in case a car is coming the other way.

But the bus drivers still managed to get double decker buses through the narrow streets.

The next day at the farm we went for a walk and caught up with some cousins of mine.

After we went to River Cottage Headquarters. We had a tour of the yummy looking vegetables and then lunch.

Like the size of this garden.

I am not a rabbit!

After lunch I was introduced to the chef and he tried to cook me! Luckily the were only joking but I wasn't impressed.


Eat more chicken less pork!!!!!!

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  1. What a great tiem you are having percy. I am sooooooooooo jelaous that you got to go to River Cottage HQ. Norty chef................

  2. Oh Percy I have only just realised when I saw your photo against your cousins that you must be the litter runt. Never mind sounds like you are having an absolutely fabulous holiday and goodness only knows where your cousins will end up one day. Best not think about that.

  3. Poor Percy, that looked like a Hot situation!

    Could almost smell the crackling from here!

  4. I am so happy for percy- he is having such a great time, hogging the limelight, lol, and he is way better looking than his English friends. ;-)

  5. Percy, you are such a little spunk. I love your Mum's sense of humour and isn't she great to let you travel without her!


  6. Thanks Dee. Yes I am so lucky to be able to travel so far with out my mum.


  7. Ransom Note
    I have kidnapped Percy Pig.
    As you know, Percy holds the key to the cure for swine flu due to a super gene only he has. He is being held at a secret location but is currently safe and unharmed.
    These are my demands all of which should be provided to ensure his safe return OR I'M HAVING BACON AND SAUSAGES FOR BREAKFAST

    1. $1 billion in unmarked bills
    2. A helicopter with 1 pilot with enough fuel for a flight to Tangiers. Specific location will be determined and transmitted to you once confirmation is received.
    3. A camel for aforementioned location, details to follow
    4. Guaranteed safe passage through Morocco

    I will release Percy by issuing details of where he is being held under the following conditions:

    1. all of my demands havebeen met
    2. I have reached my desired hideaway

    My goons are under strict instructions to start making breakfast if contact with me is lost and irretrievable for more than one hour.

    As they say, the ball is in your court.

    Nata Borcee

  8. Nata, I have contacted Ethan Hunt, 007 & Macgyver and I have instructed them to hunt you down. If you so much as show Percy to the kitchen...... I shall call in the big guns.... Incredible Hulk.