Thursday, August 27, 2009

Safe In Salisbury

Hi mum,

Lechyd da i chwi nawr ac yn oes oesoedd!!!

That's Welsh for "Good health to you now and forever." Guess where I am??

After Devon we drove to Salisbury.

At Salisbury we visited a Rare Breeds Farm where I met another cousin.

More Roman ruins in England.

We also visited the ruins of another castle

Today we visited a little village on the coast of Wales called Portmeirion. Uncle BG was very excited as this is the site of one of his favourite childhood shows, The Prisoner.

Its a very pretty village.

A view from a window in Portmeirion.

By the house of "The Prisoner" (now a shop).

"I am not a number. I am a man! Eerrrr, pig!"

Da Boch chi (Goodbye)

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

So glad you have emailed me and sent some new photos........ I'll explain when your safe back home.

Love mum.


  1. thank goodness your safe Percy................


  2. Great to see you safe Perce! Salisbury to Salisbury eh?