Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Is Percy???

This was sent to me via my comments page........................could it be a hoax????

Ransom Note

I have kidnapped Percy Pig.
As you know, Percy holds the key to the cure for swine flu due to a super gene only he has. He is being held at a secret location but is currently safe and unharmed.
These are my demands all of which should be provided to ensure his safe return OR I'M HAVING BACON AND SAUSAGES FOR BREAKFAST

1. $1 billion in unmarked bills
2. A helicopter with 1 pilot with enough fuel for a flight to Tangiers. Specific location will be determined and transmitted to you once confirmation is received.
3. A camel for aforementioned location, details to follow
4. Guaranteed safe passage through Morocco

I will release Percy by issuing details of where he is being held under the following conditions:

1. all of my demands havebeen met
2. I have reached my desired hideaway

My goons are under strict instructions to start making breakfast if contact with me is lost and irretrievable for more than one hour.

As they say, the ball is in your court.

Nata Borcee

Nata, I have contacted Ethan Hunt, 007 & Macgyver and I have instructed them to hunt you down. If you so much as show Percy to the kitchen...... I shall call in the big guns.... The Incredible Hulk.

Guess the ball in back in your court.........................................

As the little piglet would say..

Eat chicken not pork.....


  1. Oh no!!!

    I'm sure Macguyver will get there first and rescue Percy :)

  2. Oh I hope so Bonnie. If the Hulk gets hold of Percy, he may squash my little piglet.