Monday, January 25, 2010

Postcard From Whyalla.

Dear Mum,

Hello from Whyalla. Took a while to get here as its up north of Adelaide and its a lovely place to visit. The first photo shows you the city centre from "Hummock Hill" that is down near the foreshore.

"Bang Bang"... this gun was used in WW 2, to protect the city and industry.

Whyalla has a great marina area and this Easter its their 19th snapper fishing competition. Lots of people come from all over for this competition.

Also Whyalla has the largest cuttlefish breeding grounds in the world. So its great to see a wonderful marina so that scuba divers can use the area to get on a boat and go and see the cuttlefish too. mrgreen

The foreshore is a lovely family area. Great beach for swimming and a lovely little cafe for ice creams, hot food and coffees. Lovely gardens that can be walked through and have wedding photos taken there.

This is "One Steal" formally known as "B.H.P". This is the pellet plant, where they make iron ore into pellets for export overseas.

The iron ore jetty where the ships berth to load their cargo. If the ship is too big to berth at the jetty, they load barges and take the pellets to the ships out in the deep channel.

All the photos were taken at Hummock Hill.

So there you have it mum, I've now been to Whyalla. I miss you and dad heaps. But I am still not ready to come home yet.

I'm now off to see and stay a while with a family who live in the outback.

They don't have pigs there, only cows and sheep.

Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

Gosh you do have the travel bug at the moment. Whyalla sounds so nice and lots to see there too. I am wishing I could have a coffee down on the foreshore.

We're keeping busy back here and can't wait to hear about your outback adventures.

Love Mum.

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