Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello From The Outback Part 1

Dear Mum,

I am having a wow of a time with my holiday Mum & Dad. This is me arriving on the station. We are so far away from anyone. It takes 1.5 hours to get to the nearest town and the mail only comes once a week.

Can you see my ears bending in the breeze? Yesterday we did a water-run and so much happened. I have lots of photos already so sit back and enjoy them.

On our water-run we checked the solor panel at the house dam to make sure it was on. This is to pump water up to the house at the homestead so that I can have a bath tonight.

Jacky and Jody were my travelling chums on the water-run. My holiday Dad was the driver and holiday Mum was opening all the gates.

This is called a trough and its for the sheep to drink out of when they are in their paddocks. I didn't have a drink because there was green bits in it. I was having fresh water from the ute.

I got out of the ute to help open the gate and I got a nasty prickle in my foot.

It hurt so much, but I felt a lot better once I had a band-aid put on it.

Thank goodness my holiday parents have the internet. I'll email some more photos(about the water-run) tonight and you can post them for me tomorrow.



Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

Boy for a little pig, you sure do get around. I am so glad you are having a wonderful adventure in the outback. Thanks goodness for the internet, otherwise your postcards would only be sent once a week.

Can't wait to read more about your water-run adventure when your email drops in.



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  1. Nice one Perce, hope that old prickle in the foot doesn't get infected!

  2. Hi Steve,
    No the band-aid is regularly changed. Thanks for the comment.

    Percy's mum

  3. You're a well-travelled piglet, Percy!

  4. Oh I know, he's been more places than me!!!!

  5. It looke like Percy had a blast - that is one lucky pig!!!

  6. I am sooo jealous, Percy, you get around much more than I do!
    I have an inkling of where you are staying with your holiday mum and dad! hehe.
    have fun and look after those tiny trotters!!!

  7. Percy you look like you are really enjoying "country life". I am glad to see that you are keeping yourself nice and clean. Your mother taught you well.

  8. Percy is being a very good little pig while stopping with us. Quiltin'Sandy you just might be right. LOL