Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas In January???

Goodness time flies when its Christmas time. Percy sent me these photos while he was on is way to Whyalla, with Christmas and then me having a summer cold... and the games on Face Book...... I had almost forgotten to post them. Sorry about that readers/fans of Percy.

Dear Mum,

I have been to see the lights of Lobethal and what a lovely time I had.

We walked along the streets and was tempted with hot foods like a snag in bread or an egg & bacon sandwich. Eat more chicken I tell you. To strawberries and icecream and fresh cherries from the Adelaide Hills.

After a feed and look at the market stalls it was off to see what was happening light wise.

There are 2 light trails you can follow and the best way is by car. Or if your really wanting to not drive and look, try a bus tour.

The special highlight in my books was the nativity scene that not only has real babies from the local towns playing Jesus.... but some real farm animals. Alpacas, sheep, camels.

I even got to meet some of the stars too.

This young man and donkey were very nice and we had a lovely chat. The donkey's mane was very coarse to touch.

Look at me with a couple of birds from the nativity show. This dove was so quiet and didn't fly away at all.

If you want a lovely evening why not try and get there this coming year. Here is a website that will have some info about it, you can bookmark it for this coming December.

Well I'm off to Whyalla now mum.


Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

I am sorry I didn't get your postcard up around the Christmas week. Sounds like you gad a wonderful time and what about meeting some of the local stars of the nativity show. Very special indeed.

Can't wait to see your trip to Whyalla. Stay cool, remember your sun block and drink lots of water, as its so hot back home.



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  1. Hi Percy you cute little porker! gee you get around, I am getting quite jealous of all your trips! They should have included you in the Nativity scene- well there are already cows, donkeys, sheep, etc so why not Percivbal????
    Bye for now- I promise to eat more chicken!

  2. Glad to see you getting some Xmas spirit Percy and it looks like the locals enjoyed meeting you as well.