Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Almost Went to Amy's Wedding

Yesterday I was allowed to go to the Jacob's Creek Retreat when Mum & Dad's daughter Amy was preparing for her wedding.

Mum made me a bow tie and put a rose in my tail for me........ I'm too sexy for my tie....too sexy!!!

Boy was I lucky..... I wasn't grabbed and had my tail straightened and all that gunk the girls were putting on their faces on me.

Mum said I couldn't go to the wedding and reception, as I have a bit of a liking for wines due to a few trips away.

But I did get to cuddle the bride before she left for the church.

How lucky am I??? I got first cuddle with the beautiful bride. Also I get to go with Amy & Ben on their honeymoon next Fiji on a ship.

As I wasn't going to get a chance to win a garter................. I was allowed to have my own chance at the retreat.

Look who won!!!!!! Mum made this one for Amy to keep and made a different one for Amy and Ben to have fun with at the reception. This one has a bigger flower on it and is a bit more blue looking.

So now I am waiting to head off with them on their honeymoon.

Better take an Ipod, so I can get some sleep at night in their room. wink

Not sure if I'll post emails while away or post them when I get back......

Hope I can do a "Pig of the world" like in the Titanic movie.

Eat more chicken.

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  1. Percy, you really are a little camera hog. LOL.
    I must admit you did look quite spiffy with the bowtie and rose. The picture of you and Amy is just beautiful. Enjoy the trip and be a good little pig.:-}

  2. Percy --you were so handsome at the wedding but AMY was beautiful.

  3. Percy i liked your bow tie and dont get to nosy when you are on the honeymoon, let them have some time alone. Your sister, Petunia had a ball in America and will return to her mum soon.