Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello From The Outback Part 2

Dear Mum,

More photos from the water-run we did the other day.

I would like you to meet Little Lashes. She lost her mum a long time ago and my holiday mum looked after her until she was strong enough to go back out in the paddock. She has had babies and it was fun sitting on her while she was having something to eat. Her hair is sort of soft but she is so dirty.

Look at me sitting on the D4. Holiday mum & dad used this to clear the Boxthorn from the creek so that the water can flow when it fills from rain. I didn't start it up because I was frightened I might not reach all the controls.

Check out the creek mum. It filled up New Year and the water came from just over 100km away. Its so pretty by the water but there are so many mozzies. I remembered to put sunscreen on too.

Can you see me up on the windmill?? I am just under the fan on the ledge.

The wind did blow me off but I am okay, I was still in my safety bag thank goodness. Its so high up there and you can see for miles. I wasn't scared at all and even though I fell off, I was brave enough to get back up there.

We got a flat tyre and the tyre was wreaked. I did offer to change it but it was a bit heavy for me. So I let the big guys do it.

We were nearly home and we came across this leak. Can you see me with my tools ready to fix the leak? I managed it very well and were we then off again.

When we got home I was so tired that I went straight to bed. I didn't think it would be so exhausting out in the country. So much to see and do. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Take care


Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

Gosh you are seeing the Australian outback for sure. So glad you are okay after the wind blew you off the windmill. Next time though...use a rope and you can add bungy jumping to your list of adventures. lol

I did notice that 2 photos showed me the power of Mother Nature. A creek full of water on one part of the station and a dam empty at another part.

Can't wait for your next postcard



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  1. Percy you are such an adventurous little guy. I am really enjoying your pictures. Please be careful tho! :-)

  2. Poor pig, you fell off the Windmill, should've had your safety harness on!

  3. Percy you have certainly done a lot of growing up since you were first "born". I am sure that your farm mum and dad are going to miss you when you finally leave. Looks like you have been such a great help to them.

    Sweet dreams in that lovely bed of yours.

  4. Percy you are one lucky pig to be getting around like you do. I am going to America in April you can come if you like, but if you are busy have you got a little sister that might like to come in your place. Let me know what your plans are.