Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello From The Outback Part 3

Dear mum,

I have been such a tired little piggy, so today I spent time looking around the homestead. Here are some photos showing you what I saw.

I got a little sun burnt the other day, so I thought I should wear a hat. Holiday dad got one of his, but it was too big.

Holiday mum had a look in her craft box and found the perfect hat for a little pig like me.

Check out the hanger holiday dad has just finished building. He hopes to bring the plane home soon and has promised me a fly in it when I come up next. Do you think he would let me go bungy jumping?

This is what they use to load the sheep into a truck. The sheep walk up this and then jump into a truck and then head off on a big adventure.

The woolshed and yards are close to the homestead. I have seen lots of sheep but not one wanted to have their photo taken with me.

Hey mum, I'm sitting on a wool baling machine and its used to bale the wool up shearing time. A wool pack is put in the baling machine and then wool is put in there and then a big bit of metal comes down and squashes all the wool to make a bale. There is a wool pack next to me in the photo.

These are the sheep pens in the woolshed. The sheep are asked very nicely to go up into the shed and they all have pens to sit in. Then a shearer grabs them and takes the wool off their backs. I don't think I would like the hair on my back taken off.

All the wool has been taken to market but holiday mum found me some dirty wool to pose in. Yes I know I am so cute. lol

The shearing-stand is behind me where the sheep are shorn. They can have 6 shearers at a time and counting all the shed staff, at times there are 14 people working at one time in the shed. The poor cook is kept so busy. I'm standing on one of the wool tables where they throw the fleece to then skirt it.

I just had to have a photo next to a sheep and this is all I could find. The tin sheep hangs on the front fence and was made by holiday mum's son.

Mum I have missed you so much and will be home tomorrow. My camera battery has gone flat so no more photos.

I am so excited about having a baby brother or sister, love you lots and see you soon.

Eat more chicken.


Dear Percy,

My word you sure look cute in that hat. Thanks so much to holiday mum & dad for taking you into their home and showing you around the sheep station. I do hope you'll be home in time to see your baby sister or brother born. It could be as close as tomorrow afternoon. wink

Travel safely home.


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  1. Oh, doesn't Percy look beautiful in his little hat? What a lucky little pig to have such amazing adventures!

  2. a baby brother or sister!!! Oh my goodness, how good will that be Percy!!