Friday, February 5, 2010

I Have A Baby Sister.

Hello readers,

Today has been such an amazing day for me. First off I got to see my mum after being away on holidays for a month or so.

After hugs and cuddles mum, Auntie Deb and myself caught a couple of buses to Hettie's Patch. It was time to pick up my new baby sister.

Here is mum & me outside Hettie's Patch ready to go inside and see my baby sister. We were so excited. Auntie Debbie is the photographer and so she isn't in any of the photos.

This is the first family photo with my baby sister.

These photos were taken in the nursery material section.

Close up of me and my sister. As she's a new born, mum said she will be cared for in the sewing room. When she's a bit bigger, my sister will have some more baby photos for you to see.

As I can't keep calling her "my baby sister" we need a name for her. Mum & Auntie Deb came up with 6 names for her and can't pick one out of them.

So mum thought a poll would be nice. So when you mean my baby sister next, she'll have a name.

Then we will both be able to travel the world sending mum postcards. I have so many invites to go places...... thought it was time to share the travels.

So pretty please vote for a name from the list on the right of my postings.

Eat more chicken.

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  1. This Baby sister is going to be gorgeous.

  2. Hi Percy, congratulations on getting a baby sister. She will be great company for you, and I am so happy that you aren't the jealous type. :-)
    I think "Petal" or "Petunia" would be a nice name for your sister! BYe for now, Sandy.

  3. I feel so silly, I didn't see the voting thingy before, but I have voted now. Seems like there is a fav name???

  4. Congratulations Percy on the safe arrival of your lovely baby sister. I know you will be very protective of her. I have also voted on a name for your baby sister and I look forward to hearing all about the next lot of adventures that you both get up to.

    Keep those postcards coming.

  5. It has to be Petunia, this seems so appropriate!

  6. I think it will be Petunia from the way voting is going.

  7. When is the due date for Percy`s sister and will she be old enough to come with me to America in April. I thought it only fair to invite Percy`s sister as Percy has already been on an adventure with me.

  8. Hoping that Percy's sister will be able to meet everyone officially within the next fortnight. And yes her first overseas junket will be with you:D

    At the moment she is resting a lot and having small baby feeds.

  9. Okay I voted....cant wait to see sissy when she arrives...hugs Khris

  10. I voted .... how exciting :o). Can't wait to see the newborn LOL.
    Joy :o)

  11. definitely a Polly. She looks gorgeous.One very proud big brother.