Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Meaning To Pickled Pork?????

Dear Mum,

I am having so much fun up here. The weather has been hot and no rain. Here are some more photos of me on my big adventure.

I would like you to meet Fred. He is about 13 years old and has the best life. He has 2 rooms in his house and a real human bath, which he gets in when it is hot. Fred was telling me when the shearers come he gets all their scraps and there is so much that he cannot eat it all.

Fred is part Captain Cook and something else that I can't remember. Anyway we had a good chat and then he went and had a sleep because he is old.

My holiday dad cooked a camp oven. Just so you know mum, a camp oven is a big cast iron dish with a lid that you place on coals from an open fire and you can cook a roast or a damper in it. I have been told they are yummy but he was cooking pork (eat more chicken) so I went down and chatted with my new buddy Fred.

When they had finished I came back and the sun was setting. I sat on the verandah with a bottle of Bundy to watch the sun go down. They drink Bundy out bush!!! eek

It was a beautiful sunset and I sort of lost count of how much I drank. I passed out on the lawn.

When I came too, holiday mum helped me reach the bucket. I can tell you I won't be doing that again. redface

Eat more chicken.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Well what can I say???? I'm glad you made a new friend with Fred. I hope your not on medication with your sore foot and having a lot to drink. I guess my baby pig has to grow up some stage. Sounds like the outback was a safe place to do this.

Oh by the way your maternal mum is going to have a litter of little brother & sisters soon. Hope your able to be home when they are born.


Mum (foster)

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  1. Dear Percy, I am eating so much chicken that I'm getting a bit sick of it...too hot for pork (but Port is fine....ohh sorry, Foster Mum) ...loved the roast xxx in the camp oven, did you know some people call it a Dutch Oven, I'm not sure if they're one and the same thing...Looks like the Bundy Rum was UnderProof so that's not too bad, but heck Percy, a boy's gotta learn somehow and drinkin's one of those things you have to do for yourself... Hope it wasn't your Foster Mum's good cooking Bundy, was it?

    Hope your foot is feeling much better. Fred sounds charming and give him a scratch behind the ear from me will you?



  2. Oh, Percy sounds like a wonderful holiday, BUT..... didn't mum warn you about that bundy!???

  3. Sounds like you are having the bestest time. I know a boy has to sow his wild oats and grow up - sounds like you have learnt your lesson with alcohol.

    I am a little surprised that your holiday dad did not supervise you a little more closely - well boys will be boys no matter what age. Your holiday mum looked like she was on hand when needed.

    Sounds like you are about to be a big brother. How exciting. You will have to show them the right way to do things. I am sure that you can live up to this expectation.

  4. Oh dear Percy, did you get a LAMBasting for your behaviour?

  5. I have been laughing at all the comments about Percy's adventures in the outback. And yes, Percy is going to be a big brother and its going to be very soon.

  6. Oh Percy you are one fun pig , keep it up , no not the Bundy !

  7. a tip for you Percy, put a splash of detol in the bucket. That way, when it is dark out back and you cannot see a thing, as least your nose will tell you if you are chucking up in the right place!

  8. Percy ...say "no" to pork and bundy.Now that you are going to be a big brother you have to lead by example.