Monday, February 15, 2010

I've Got Mail

Oh look what Auntie Clare sent me. mrgreen

I was so excited when mum showed me the 1/4 metre of fabric and the luggage tag for when I travel.

I'm going to get mum to make me a travel bag so I don't feel the plastic bag rub on my body, when I am traveling. Maybe then I won't feel so much like a slab of bacon either. lol

Also Auntie Clare has invited me to her place too. Thanks Auntie Clare your the best.

Hugs to you Auntie Clare.

Eat more chicken.

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow my baby sister is going to be seen for the first time, at mum's sewing morning.

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  1. percy_aunty Clare is so nice.All excited about tomorrow!!!!!

  2. It was a pleasure Percy you are a perfect little pig (said in the nicest possible way ) love from Auntie Clare xxxxx

  3. Thanks Liz for dropping by. Yes its very exciting and I hope we all can sleep tonight for

  4. Aunty Clare could not have chosen a more appropriate fabric for your travelling bag -you will feel as though you are travelling with friends. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing your baby sister.

  5. What a lucky little piggy you are, gee the invites are coming in thick and fast!
    I can't wait to see your little sis. I'm sure you will be the prefect big brother! Hugs.x.