Sunday, March 28, 2010

More From Canberra

Hi Mum,

We walked up some hills, one was called Black Mountain and one was called Mt. Stromlo.

Mt. Stromlo had some telescopes on top but the bush fires burnt the lot of'em, but they fixed them again.

On top of Black Mountain is a big tower and we took the elevator to the top! At the bottom of Black Mountain is the Botanical Gardens and there were heaps of Lizards there.

On top of Mt. Stromlo, it was cold and wet, so I sat inside the car for a rest. I was tired after walking up Black Mountain.

Parliament House.

I went to the Parliament house, both the old

and new one.

They are really amazing and big buildings!

Here is a picture taken of me, crossing the floor of the house of Representative, on the right sits Tony and his friends and on the left sits Kevin and his mates. One day we even drove past Kevin's house!

The pink room is the Senate and I think the colours are really nice and peaceful, who would want to ague anything amongst those shades??

Eat More Politicians!

Heading back to Mangolia now mum.

See you with more postcards soon.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Wow those photos of Black Mountain and Mt Stromlo were great. I have been to Black Mountain as well. Not sure about eating a politician, my crock-pot isn't big enough to put one in.... lol.

Have a safe trip back to Mangolia and can't wait for your next postcard.



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  1. Eat More Politicians! Love it, although they'd be all sinewy and get stuck in yer teeth I reckon'!

  2. Percy -if only I had known you were visiting I could have baked a cake.