Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Visits Pt 1

Hey Mum,

Back in Mangolia and today we went and saw some gardens and saw lots of pretty flowers and fruits and big trees and stuff.

Here are some shots of being silly at Dan Gleeson Gardens and at Anderson's Gardens.

The big sausages come from a sausage tree.

The big green fruit are called Elephant Puzzle Fruit.

And they tied me up to a Pandanus! Anus nothing, that looks like a big *^%$!!!!!!!!!

More to come tomorrow of these amazing gardens.

Bye Percy.

Eat more beef sausages.

Dear Percy,

Well you sure have come across some strange fruits in your travels. You seem to be growing up and becoming more worldly in your posts too.

A little tip from your mum, size doesn't matter, okay sweetie.........

Glad to see in the last photo, you had your safety harness on.



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1 comment:

  1. Percy you are really getting daring on where you will climb these days and they are very unusual fruits.