Sunday, March 21, 2010

Postcards From Canberra Pt 1

Dear Mum,

As soon as I made it to Mangolia, my holiday Mum & Dad whisked me away to Canberra, the Nation's Capital.

In these photos you will see me standing in front of Lake Burley Griffin with the National Library off in the distance.

This shot is an aerial photo of me standing above the City of Canberra.

We also went to the National Museum, here I am standing in front of the sculpture park out front; it looks heaps like a Skateboard Park!

Inside the Museum is heaps of old stuff like this pet pig, but he was looking a little deflated, he needed some stuffing! I am sure glad I didn't look like that after the immigration search into Mangolia.

And I found all this lovely lace, that I thought my Mum would like.

Lots of people wanted to know why there was a pig at the museum, but I just told them I was interested in learning more about my past and culture.

More photos tomorrow, mUm

Love from

Dear Percy,

Boy you are very lucky learning more about your past and culture. I was in Canberra back in 1980, boy that makes me feel old. Can't wait for the next load of photos.

Take care,


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