Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon....

Hi Mum,

Well we woke up bright and early the next morning and headed off to spend some time at the Australian War Memorial.

I got to sit on the statue of Simpson & his Donkey and I got to see heaps of planes and models and stuff from the wars.

But I also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Memorial where all the names of those who died during the Wars of the last Century. It was sad but amazing place!

After, we marked our respects by drowning a pint at an Irish Paddy Pub, this beer is Kilkenny and really nice!

Did I say Canberrans like to party?

Holiday Dad has some great contacts, I went to the moon!!

We went to this place in the country and we used this big Foxtel dish to talk to Neil Armstrong. He went to the moon many years ago.

I got to fly in a spaceship and I saw the


Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

People kept saying "I can see Uranus" and I kept saying, "Well my Mum hasn't made me any pants yet."

But I went to Mars and rode on this buggy and then

returned to Earth in the big cone thing called a return capsule.

What a blast!!!!



Oh yeah!!!!

Na-Nu Na-Nu Eat more chicken.

Dear Percy,

You have had an amazing day and I too have been to the Australian War Memorial. I came away humbled and grateful to live in a free democracy and thanked them with my heart for their sacrifices.

I didn't get to go to the space station though. It looked like it was a fun visit.

Don't worry about not having pants, they are just jealous of your cute little toosh.


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  1. You'll soon have to put up an update on your page for "Planets I have Visited" Percy?

  2. You sure are a well travelled pig, Percy. Next time you are bitten by the travel bug, please tell your Mum to send you way out West. There are some chooks and bantams that would love to meet you, although I think they'd prefer you didn't chant "eat more chicken"!

  3. Wow Percy, aren't you the luckiest little porker. All your travels are making me jealous! I have been to the war memorial too, it is very impressive. In fact when my sister was a little girl, she wanted to jump into the 'pool of Remembrance" and get some money out! She got quite upset when she was told she could not do that, even though she had already taken her shoes and socks off!!! ;-0

    As it will soon be Easter, I will add a final comment on your behalf------
    " Eat more fish!!!!!"
    hugs from sandy.

  4. Wow Percy it looks like your having a ball in the windy city and you will have lots to tell Petunia when you get home.