Thursday, March 4, 2010

Postcard From Queensland

Dear Mum,

I have arrived at my holiday home in Queensland and its so green and my holiday parents are really nice people. Already there are lots of photos for you to see.

Look at my new friend, he's pink like me and guess what!!!! His name is Percy too. Percy took me around him home and showed me lots of interesting things.

Look how green it is in the background. All that space too. Great for running around and also for growing lots of vegies and mangoes.

Speaking of mangoes, check us out up a mango tree.

Holiday mum in into pottery and so I got to see inside her kiln.I wonder if she's like me to model for her. Do you think she'd like to do a pottery scene with me like on "Ghost"?

I went up into the loft looking for possums, as we don't have them around our house at home. But I didn't find any.

So then I went and checked out their new chook house. Boy will they enjoy those fresh backyard eggs once their hens start to lay them.

Queensland has been having a lot of rain and so I thought I'd check out the rain gauge. Gee its lovely and clean from all that rain.

I even got up close to a fruit called Soursop.

Met a "Pukpuk" (means crocodile in PNG) sure glad its only a carving.

Do you like my hat? Its a party hat from PNG. Holiday dad's mate Steve said that PNG pigs have bigger heads.

As you can see its full on here in "Mangolia" That's what holiday dad calls his place. I like that name and think its cool.



Dear Percy,

So glad you arrived okay and boy your first postcard is very full of exciting news. I so love the greenness in the photos and I just love your new little friend.

Have fun and can't wait for your next postcard.


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  1. Glad you are having a good time Percy and hope Petunia is not missing you too much. I was a bit worried when I saw you in the kiln I thought your holiday parents were going to have roast pork for dinner.

  2. Percy I am glad that you have arrived safe and sound and seem to be settling into your holiday home. I am a little worried about your new friend... he looks like he has been around a bit - just remember your experience with the "bottle" and keep your wits about you.

  3. Hello Percy
    Summer time is fast approaching here in Texas. The fields of bluebonnets are beginning to THINK about popping up. You and Petunia will have to think about visiting here in Texas sometime. But, do come in the springtime as it is wonderfully colorful with the wild bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush and other breathtakingly beautiful wild flowers that grace us with their beauty....Elaine

  4. Hey, I think I spotted Percy out by the High Court of Australia and then the National Art Gallery and the Australian War Memorial over the last few days!

    Jeez, that Pig gets around....