Friday, April 9, 2010

Garden Visits Pt 2

Hey Mum,

Check out the Bamboo!

I found these in Anderson's Garden.

I reckon I'd get lost if I went inside!

So many tree shots to show you.

There is a Big Qld Bottle Tree, just like a camel, this tree can store water in its big fat belly just for droughts and stuff. Maybe Homestead Holiday dad needs some of these?

Here I am climbing a Palm Tree, which it has been claimed, has the largest Biomass of any tree in the world........I still don't know what that means.

Look at the crazy bark on this tree.

Then I got trapped inside a Fig Tree. Heelllppppp!!!!

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Sorry there has been a delay in posting your photos here. Getting very close to real sister Amy's wedding. I hope you'll be back here in time, as you are going on the honeymoon with them.

Love those tree photos. I like bamboo, its such a great plant.



Petunia has left for America at 6 am this morning. Her photos will come home with her. I do hope her holiday family have the most wonderful holiday.

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