Friday, April 16, 2010

More From Percy

Hey Mum,

I should get a job with Keith Conlin eh?

I have had some fun mum,I saw this strange sculpture behind me at Dan Gleeson's Garden. Up here in the tropic there are two days of the year when the sun is directly over head and nothing casts a shadow.

These sculptures capture that light and make all of the pretty patterns with their coloured glass.

Then in Anderson's Garden, I got confused, this sign told me to go "One Way", but the arrow was heading in two directions.

These Queenslanders sure are kooky!

Then I saw the "Speed Trap" sign and I just had to have my photo taken.

I'm saying "Slow Down or the Pig will get ya!"

Ha ha ha!

Eat more chicken.


Dear Percy,

Love those signs, the one way is so funny. Those garden visits have been lovely to read about.


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