Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Postcard From Townsville

Mum mum mum mum,

D'you know how I saw that crocodile..... well when we were finished looking at the Wallaman, we saw a big black emu with a blue neck and two red dangle things! I said "Crikey, look there's a bleedin' big chick over there, it looks like a bleedin' emu!" and holiday dad said "That no bleedin' emu pig, thats a Cassowary and its a male and they does all the looking after the little cassowaries!" and then I said, "Lookout there's two chicks with 'im and he's coming right for us!"

While male cassowaries can be dangerous when they are looking after young ones and they have a big toe which they use as a defence weapon and they can tear ya guts out. So you are meant to put your backpack on your front and carefully walk away backwards.

Well holiday dad turned his backpack around and that meant I was in the first line of defence!!!

I said, "Crikey holiday dad, that bleedin' emu is gonna gut me first before it guts you!" and holiday dad just said "Its a cassowary pig, a cassowary..."

Well after we reached safety we saw these two little birds, one is a Spectacled Monarch because he can't see without his glasses (Fred Hollows should get onto that one) and the other

is a Eastern Yellow Robin, so I started singing, "When the Rob Rob Robin, comes Bop Bop Bobbing along..." and holiday dad said "It's a yellow robin pig, a yellow one..."

After we left Ingham we went back to Townsville and me and holiday dad rode our bikes around looking for Townsville icons so I could get my photo taken.

We found two.

The Sugar Shaker is a hotel in the middle of town.

Castle Hill is a big pink rock (I like pink) in the middle of town.

The last photo is me standing on top of Mt Marlow, over looking the Town Common (Townsville wetlands) and in the distance you can see Castle Hill (on the left) and a bit of the suburbs. The airport is the other side of the swamp.

Goodbye Townsville!

Eat more chicken.


Dear Percy,

My word you sure had some exciting times in this postcard. Those birds are so pretty.
I love the "sugar shaker" what a great name for the building.

Good to read you were out getting some exercise with bike ridding too.

Thanks so much to Holiday mum & dad for hosting you up in Townsville and showing you around.

Now hurry home as Amy's getting married this weekend and your booked on the honeymoon cruise to Fiji with them.


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