Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tea Rooms Pt 2

Dear Mum,

At the tea rooms is an old train tunnel that goes under the mountain. Here are some pics of me looking at it from a distance.

Here I am at the other side if the tunnel.

Behind me is the old train line that goes into the tunnel.

Wonder if I should take a closer look at the tunnel?

We went inside the tunnel and there was a snake and there were lots of bats. Lots of darkness and there were lots more bats and more bats still!!!!

One of the bats brushes up against me! Oink!

Yay made it to the other side.

Uncle PNG Steve says they eat bats in PNG!

Eat more bats.


Dear Percy,

I loved the bat and snake photos. I haven't seen a lot of bats in my life time, closest was back in 1980. Love snakes and I have a photo of me holding a big python.

Love all the greenery in the photos and glad you didn't get run over by a ghost train.


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