Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wallaman Falls

Hey Mum,

You know how Holiday Dad promised me a waterfall to visit... well the weather was pretty wet up here so travelling around was a bit risky: there was even a Cyclone off the coast!

So after that passed and time was running out, we went to Wallaman Falls.

Wallaman Falls are the longest and highest falls in Australia, its nearest town is called Ingham which has a history of cane fields and the industrious and productive Italian migrants who came to Australia looking of the promised land. Well they found it in the fertile soils and high rainfall in this area.

Holiday Dad says he has been to Wallaman before in the dry season but really wanted to see it in the wet. And boy was the drive up there fun! Driving through the wet rain-forest into the mountains.

Here are some pictures of me standing at the top lookout of Wallaman Falls looking down. With all the water gushing over the top, the water was spraying down the gorge and everything was getting really, really wet.

The noise was amazing, it sounded like the Fokker F28 Airplane that I caught on the way up to Mangolia!!!

Here are some more shots of me at the waterfalls.

This one I was half way down and already into the spray of the waterfall..... it was a 240m drop in altitude from the top to the bottom and it was off the steep cliff.

The goat track zigged and zagged its way down the muddy slops and was full of bird nest ferns and vines with spines.

This photo was shot when I got down to the bottom and we were all wet and muddy. There was a river flowing down the stones and I am real glad that Holiday Dad had his waterproof backpack for me to travel in. I only got a bit damp for the photo opportunities, otherwise I was snug and dry inside.

More photos soon mum

Eat more chicken.

Love Percy.

Dear Percy,

Gosh those photos are amazing, I have only ever seem little waterfalls. So glad you didn't get lost and found having a mud

I can almost hear the water falling in the photos.


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  1. How fun and beautiful- I bet Percy was a little scared looking down!