Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tea Rooms Pt 1

Hi Mum,

We went to Hervey's Tea Rooms and had a cup of tea. But none of that $50 coffee!!
Its really nice and green up here and its much cooler than Townsville and real country fresh air.

There is a waterfall with Pandanus.

The cow paddock is nice and green.

There is a creek next to the tea rooms.

Also at the tea rooms, you can go on a nature walk and see heaps of pretty Butterflies and spiders.

Check them out mum!!!

Pretty cool huh mum??

Eat more chicken.


Dear Percy,

How about that, drinking tea in a tea room, sounds like my sort of outing. All that greenery is lovely. We have a tinge of green back home here now.

Those spider photos are so spiders. Butterflies are pretty too.


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